Whether you are just starting your wellness program or would like to take your performance to the next level, Simona is here to help you achieve your personal goals. Simona offers swim, bike, run and strength training, which helps you maintain a healthy body weight, decreases your chance of injury, and improves your athletic performance.

Custom Triathlon and Running Program

  • Training plans are made in 1 month blocks, with a highly individual approach to each athlete.
  • A combination of a custom running/triathlon, strength and mobility training allows each athlete to build a strong habit, body and mindset, train consistently injury-free and achieve individual performance goals.
  • Simona is a responsive coach, providing continuous session feedback via email, phone, text or Skype on an unlimited basis.
  • Each athlete goes through a screening process with Simona to determine if there is a good fit and to identify if Simona believes she is a good coach for the individual.



Running Group

Would you like to get inspired, get moving, or get better, and have fun along the way? Join Coach Simona’s weekly Run Group in Davis, CA. Run sessions, which include a combination of trail, road and track workouts, include lots of variety and are suited for all ages and levels of ability.

This running class addresses the limitations of a regular running routine. The program accomplishes four big goals for runners: (1) it helps you achieve proper running form; (2) it prevents injury by strengthening connective tissues and muscles; (3) it helps you run faster with more coordination and power; and (4) it improves running economy by encouraging stride and breathing efficiency.


Strength and Mobility Training

Whether you want to boost your athletic performance or your day-to-day functional strength and health, join in! You don’t need a ton of equipment to get in a great full-body workout. All you really need is your own bodyweight and hybrid workouts with Coach Simona who blends aerobic and strength training in a creative way.

These 60’ classes, which incorporate different types of strength training activities to help enhance your overall fitness and performance, will accomplish the following goals: (1) strengthen your connective tissues and muscles, (2) build your core stability, (3) improve your balance, coordination, range of motion and muscular endurance, and (4) decrease your fatigue and risk of injury.



Winter Sports Camp is a 3-day camp geared towards children of all fitness levels, ages 6 – 14. Through playful and fun sports activities, your child will get an opportunity to stay active during their school break and/or improve in their specific sport. A mix of conditioning, power, strength, leadership, gross-motor skills and character building will help them train the off-field components that can be applied to any sport and other areas of life.

Here are just some of the skills your child will learn at the camp:


Agility, conditioning, flexibility, power, speed and strength


Confidence and determination


Decision making, focus, reaction time, visual attention


Accountability, character building, communication, teamwork, trust

“I’ve been working out with Simona for the last three months, which is the longest I’ve stuck with an exercise class. She is knowledgeable, a great motivator, and fun. She makes me do all the stuff that I know I should do, but I won’t do on my own, such as push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, planks, etc. And then she makes me do them for longer than I thought I could do them. She mixes it up with more strength and endurance elements as well as balance and stretching exercises. My strength and endurance have improved significantly and – even though I am not a morning exercise person – I look forward to our 6 am workouts. Thanks for being a great motivator!”

Svenja K.

“I can attest strength training with Coach Simona is first rate, highly effective, and fun. Nothing has boosted my running speed, strength, and stamina more than my regular core bodyweight workouts with Coach Simona. I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Simona’s training program. As an aside, it never fails that whenever I’m starting to feel smugly strong, Simona brings a workout that highlights some weakness. That’s what a good program is supposed to do! That’s keeping it all in balance. The stronger I get, the more I understand how much farther I want to go.”

Paul W.

“I’ve really enjoyed your class and probably have never been that strong.”

Daniella C.

“Whether you have been running for ten years or have recently begun exercising, Simona sees every one of us as an athlete – as long as we are eager to improve our physical abilities. It is because, as she always reminds us, we are always “training for life“.  Simona’s workouts have taught me that I do not need expensive equipment nor a brand-new pair of shoes to become stronger and stay injury-free.”

Chizu K.

“I turned to Coach Simona with a very concrete objective: I wanted to run faster, more precisely 30 s per mile faster. Good that I did not say in what time-period I should get there, for she’d probably turned me down. I had run a minute faster back in the days, but a serious illness, too much work and, probably age, made me slower. I could no longer keep up with my husband, resulting in runs no longer being enjoyable for either of us. I am a teacher and I used to be a ski instructor. I know a thing or two about sports and pedagogy. First, Simona did not completely restructure my sports schedule, she tweaked it here and there, allowing me not having to break with my routines entirely. Secondly, she got the level right and this is, I believe, the most important: following her program, I have to make an effort, a serious effort, but never beyond what I can actually do. And never beyond what I can recover from between the workouts. It was tough the very first weeks, but after that, it became enjoyable. I actually look forward to my hill repeats! Thirdly, she listens, adjusts and keeps on reminding me to warm up before and stretch well afterwards to ensure I do not get injured. After three months, my heart-rate in training is noticeably lower and I can sustain 4 miles at my desired speed.”

Sabina K. L.

Simona Celik Club

Membership includes a customized 7 day a week training program, sponsor discounts and access to all coached group workouts where you can connect with Simona and immerse yourself among like-minded, performance-oriented athletes.